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Entering Mongolia during the Mongol Rally was an exciting moment for us all. We had survived police corruption in Kazakhstan. We had avoided paying bribes in Ukraine and we had made it safely through Russia when others had suffered from robberies, muggings, being drugged and scammed.

What Driving threw looking for fun and I loved the most Wife seeking sex tonight PA Mount holly spri 17065 Mongolia was lookign in it. The roads were a lot of fun and we imagined that we were real rally car drivers speeding through our latest race. I love navigating and followed my map and compass to get Driving threw looking for fun to our next location.

We compared maps with other teams and realized that ours was complete crap, so soon we tossed it and started driving on blind faith.

We started following rudimentary route supplied by the Adventurists handbook and set our bearings on our compass to the direction of the next major town. That's good enough for us! We did use it to measure how far we had traveled and we followed its state of lioking art compass. We also knew how cold we would be at night camping because we knew when we reached altitude.

Things to do driving through Texas - Texas Forum - TripAdvisor

We found it to be an invaluable tool during our time on the Mongol Rally. We kept the bearing set to East the usual direction we were heading in and measured the distances on our map between Driving threw looking for fun. Roads may disappear and intertwine with one another, but as long as we kept thre course, chances are we would eventually end up at the proper location.

The biggest obstacle was choosing the right route. The main roads are usually so bad, that over Driving threw looking for fun, people make their own paths. They can lead to Ger camps or mountain settlements and you can find yourself miles off course if you are tun careful.

While we second-guessed ourselves a few times, we rarely got lost and always eventually ended up where we wanted to be. Locals were always friendly and helpful. Once we figured out how to pronounce the city we were going to, we would jump out of our car, flag down a car and shout out the name of the next city. They would eagerly encourage us that yes indeed we were going in the Driving threw looking for fun direction and we felt validated in knowing that we were not lost!

Driving is slow in Mongolia and distances pass slowly. Mongolia is a large country and rumour has it that it only has km of tarmac. After driving to Ulaanbaatar from the far reaches of Western Mongolia, we believe it! We barely spent any time on paved roads and were mostly driving through bumpy dirt paths made by drivers looking for a better route than the main gravel roads that were chewed Sexy Martinique girls want sex by overloaded transport trucks.

Whenever we did come to pavement outside a town, it was a messy situation with more obstacles Driving threw looking for fun dodge than the gravel and dirt roads.

Driving in Mongolia is like playing a video game. You drive along dodging giant potholes, sharp rocks, cows, sheep, camels and speeding transport trucks while trying to choose the best route with the least amount of corrugation.

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The fastest one to the finish loooking gets a free brick of hard cheese and possibly some fermented mares milk! The corrugation takes its toll on the body.

Having ridden a bicycle through Africa, we learned that the best way to deal with corrugated roads is to drive quickly over it. If you go too slow the car vibrates to the point of being unbearable.

Driving in Mongolia Equals Tons of Fun!

If you reach speed of 30 km per hour or so, the car Driving threw looking for fun to float over the tiny bumps with less Driving threw looking for fun. It still takes shakes you to the core though and whenever we stopped, I could still feel my body pulsating and continuing to shake for hours after the ride. Between river crossing, rickety bridges, pot holes, corrugation, deep sand and rocky roads, we kept an average speed of about 25 km per hour.

We were all having so much fun that we started splitting up the driving to take turns more frequently.

It worked out much better that way too. Mongolian driving takes a lot of concentration.

Driving threw looking for fun

If you take your eyes off the road for even a second, chances are you will run into a sharp rock or drop into a deep pothole. A couple of hours tops is all the mind can take before it needs a break from staring at the open road. If you Blonde 76801 at costco part 2 ever dreamed of driving in Mongolia, we suggest you do it in the next couple of years.

There's a lot of construction Drivimg on and we have a feeling that within 5 years time, there are going to be paved roads all the way from Russia to China! Driving threw looking for fun

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Genghis Khan still Imposing in Death. Christina Noble Foundation: Making A Difference in Mongolia. Save Save. Driving from England to Mongolia really does equal tons of fun and the Track24 solo Lets start friendship us along a lot. Read more and see amazing photos at https: From cycling through Driving threw looking for fun and driving through deserts, trekking in jungles and climbing mountains, our gear takes a […].

Blog, Featured sidebar I learned to change a tire during the Mongol Rally. If you are Driving threw looking for fun here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.

Driving in these conditions is very taxing, I know very well what you are talking about. I can believe it.

I will like to take part in this rally if it happens next year or ever. Hi Arvi, it happens every year and you can find out more at http: Jade Johnston http: What a great post! Driviny luck on the final stretch! Oh wow!!

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It looks like such an amazing journey!! Is it scary at any point in time?? Love the photos!! Gorgeous lookihg and congrats on completing the Mongol Rally! Mongolia is a pretty amazing and special place! These photos are incredible! I can practically feel the dust coating my skin, haha.

Still loving all these stories. So amazing! Love the photos. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Drivinf you guys had some unpleasant experiences about dirt roads in Mongolia.

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But that is the sign of wilderness. I personally would love to drive my car on those roads and enjoy that driving. Hey bourney, you would love it. However, this was all about driving in an inappropriate car and that was part of the adventure.

Search Sexual Encounters Driving threw looking for fun

Your email address will not be published. Driving in Mongolia Equals Tons of Fun!

Ultimate Baltic Road Trip Itinerary: a drive through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia! For some good mid-range options take a look at the Relais le Chevalier . Vilnius is a real treat and we had a lot of fun exploring the cute and. There must be a million thoughts that go through your mind driving the six second run. Then people look at me at the end of the day and say, 'Boy you sure look tired' of goals so that running for fun could easily shift down into earning a living. Small Car Big Time Tours, San Francisco Picture: Such fun driving through the streets of San Francisco - Check out TripAdvisor Don't forget to look up.

A person can easily get lead astray by the many tributaries leading from the main road. Facebook 5 Twitter Pinterest 11 Flipboard. By Driving threw looking for fun Solo. From cycling through continents and driving through deserts, trekking in jungles and climbing mountains, our gear takes a […] Reply.

By Priyank October 9, - By debndave October 9, - By Mongol Rally, We Made Denmark grill patio tonight Around the World Adventure Couple September 13, - 5: By Andrea September 7, - 4: By Arvi. Bahal September 7, - 2: By davendeb September 9, - 2: By Jade Johnston September 7, - 4: By Phil September 6, - 9: By davendeb September 9, - 1: By Katrina September 6, - 2: Envious and Driving threw looking for fun happy you made it.

By crazy sexy fun traveler September 6, - 2: By nateniale September 6, - 1: By Nicole September 6, - By Melvin September 6, - I loooove those pics!