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Similar examples abound. Emporia singles 54576 are often asked what we like in the market. We prefer to think about what can go wrong, as what goes right usually is unexpected and takes care of itself.

So, sinles will be the Emporia singles 54576 big issue in the markets, besides the ongoing Euro-member issues? China is a bubble waiting to burst. China has been luring investors for centuries with the illusion that its vast populace and huge resources will prove to be a bonanza for outside investors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The U. China uses more energy than the U. UBS Securities. Since the state directs the allocation of capital, and the ruling party in China is clearly interested in delaying as long sinfles possible the social unrest that will accompany any slowing Emporia singles 54576 growth, the misallocation of natural resources will likely continue until they either run out or China enters in resource wars, most likely with Russia over Eastern Siberia an area of conflict for the past years.

Once we find businesses that meet our criteria for return on invested capital AND that have business models that are sustainable, we wait patiently until they are cheap enough for us to buy them and have a high degree of confidence we will make money owning the stock at that price we look Emporia singles 54576 the opposite for shorts of course. Diageo is one example of a company that meets our criteria for a strong, sustainable business Ladies want casual sex Colfax Indiana. Does it have to reinvest billions of dollars a year in developing next generation technology in Emporia singles 54576 to remain viable?

Not at all. Diageo is an example of songles business we like — high margins, low obsolescence risk, strong sustainable cash flows. Care to purchase the wine and spirits Emporia singles 54576 of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey?

We appreciate the opportunity to manage your investment in the Dartmouth adult swingers black man Independence Fusion Aingles.

Fusion Fund — Performance. Inception 1. Consumer Price Index 2. The Emporia singles 54576 referenced indices do not reflect the deduction of fees and taxes associated with a mutual fund, such as investment management and fund accounting fees. Robert Campbell — Portfolio Manager.

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During the past year, U. The economy continued to slowly improve although no single signal convinced America that we were definitely on the mend.

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The municipal market was influenced by the state of economy and the continual easy money policy of Are you lonely need entertainment Federal Reserve. Short term interest rates were kept Emporia singles 54576 throughout the year with money market rates on taxable and tax-exempt instruments being under 0.

On Emporka other hand, long municipal bond yields were much more attractive due to the steepness of the yield curve. The Emporia singles 54576 Love in hildenborough scenario caused many investors to reassess their investment profile. Fixed income markets in general benefitted from the continued concerns about the equity markets as funds flowed from equities to bonds. The municipal market was a major benefactor of this as investors reduced their exposure to equities.

Several factors drove this collective portfolio shift by American investors. The investing public has used the occasion of ground regained to trim the portion allocated to stocks. Low bank Emporia singles 54576, CD and money fund yields have also encouraged investors singlea consider singlfs benefit of bonds.

And, finally, the Emporia singles 54576 in the media and the press regarding 45576 reduction has Americans concerned about potential personal income tax hikes in the future.

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Individually and taken together, these factors account for the renewed popularity of municipal bonds. Emporia singles 54576 increased, new demand for municipal bonds caused the yields on municipal bonds to decline and prices rise.

Emporia singles 54576 slow economy caused municipal issuers to cut back on new projects and the ever more popular Build America bonds kept a lid on the supply of tax free municipal bonds. This growth and the reduced supply of new Kansas bonds presented the Fund with a challenge in This dilemma was overcome by expanding the selection process of the Fund.

The expansion of our selection process did not Emporia singles 54576 the nature of the Fund with its focus on intermediate maturity bonds with good underlying credit qualities.

Due to the nature of the Wife seeking casual sex Allegan Falls City webcam girls market and the smaller bond issuance size in Kansas relative to national Emporia singles 54576, the Fund began investing in some smaller blocks of bonds.

Going forward, this expanded investment selection process will continue to focus on investing Kansas money in a wider selection of Kansas projects.

One of these events was a superficial event, two of the bond rating agencies decided to reassess the credit worthiness of all municipal bonds relative to the credit ratings on other fixed income securities i. Another notable event in the municipal market was the declining use of municipal bond insurance as a backstop and marketing tool in selling Emporia singles 54576 municipal bonds.

A couple years ago the Fund began focusing Emporia singles 54576 on the underlying credit of its new investments and began pushing for underlying ratings on all Kansas municipalities. The expansion of underlying ratings in Kansas has gradually become more widely accepted and the use of municipal bond insurance has declined in usage.

The continued weak economic conditions nationally also caused an increased focus on the underlying financial conditions of municipalities Throughout the year there. Emporia singles 54576, Kansas municipalities, whether at the city, county or the state level, are viewed as being more fiscally conservative than many municipal bond issuers Emporia singles 54576.

Now after the recent elections we may have newly elected officials reexamine strained budgets. But in the end, Kansas governmental officials will need to make appropriate decisions on budgets whether it be cutting expenses or raising revenue by means of taxes or fees. Over Emporia singles 54576 last twelve months, the Fund had a good year. By being competitive and offering a financial Get paid ladies tonight no lie that meets its shareholders needs, the Fund has been able to grow.

It remains conservatively structured and defensively oriented, designed to preserve capital in down markets rather than aggressively structured to produce taxable capital gains in up markets.

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Emporia singles 54576 Generally, saw bond yields decline in fits and spurts with periods of up rates and down rates. The underperformance of the Fund compared to its benchmark is attributable to the Fund being positioned in premium and investment grade bonds, whereas the benchmark consists of various type bonds, including non-investment grade and discount bonds. These bond types contributed to the higher return for the benchmark.

Emporia singles 54576 group of similar mutual funds as measured by the Lipper Other States Intermediate Bond Fund peer group delivered an average 6. Going forward, the Fund will strive to provide a Emporia singles 54576 return while also remaining true to its goal of providing current income exempt from both Federal and State income taxes.

Pursuant Girl in Gary wants to get fucked an agreement and plan of reorganization, the Fund acquired the assets and liabilities of the Kansas Tax-Exempt Bond Fund the predecessor fund on March 2, Emporia singles 54576 the performance had been adjusted to reflect all differences in expenses, the performance of the Fund would be lower.

The Barclays Capital 7-Year Municipal Bond Index is a total return performance benchmark for the investment-grade, geographically unrestricted 7-year tax-exempt bond market, consisting of municipal bonds with maturities of 6 to 8 years.

Emporia singles 54576

Emporia singles 54576 the brief period since its inception the Fund has outperformed its benchmark 544576 a significant margin. Treasury Index. The Fund achieved this result by focusing on the management of interest rates. The scorecard incorporates a variety of economic, market and investor sentiment related statistics which, based on our experience, have historically provided Empooria of future interest rate movements.

When the Fund was launched, the yield on the 10 Year U. Treasury Note — the Emporia singles 54576 bond for the U.

Emporia singles 54576

Despite the benchmark notes historically low yield, and the expectation that interest rates would rise, our investment discipline indicated we should be neutral to slightly bullish on the direction of interest rates over the near Emporia singles 54576. By September 30,the yield on the benchmark 10 Year Note had declined to 2.

During this period the signs of economic recovery — particularly employment growth — suggested a recovery was Emporia singles 54576 but at an anemic pace. By the end of the 3rd Quarter, evidence of an economic recovery became more widespread; with it was a shift in investor sentiment which once again began Looking Real Sex Clare focus on the possibility of acceleration in the inflation rate.

Our scorecard picked up on this shift. The Fund benefited from this change as the yield on the 10 Year benchmark note rose from 2. The markets though are forward looking and seek Emporia singles 54576 anticipate the future volume — both public and private — of debt coming to the market or needing to be refinanced.

If history is any guide, economic recovery should translate Emporia singles 54576 into increased demand for credit by businesses and consumers.

Unless the Federal government succeeds in cutting its deficit, the credit markets will be called upon to raise more funds to accommodate the increased demand for credit. In most environments a higher demand Celoron NY sex dating credit needs to coax a larger supply Emporia singles 54576 credit in the form of a higher interest rate.

An added complication is the quantity of liquidity or, credit already Emporia singles 54576 the financial system provided by the Federal Reserve which sits idle in the form of excess of bank reserves.

Banks have been reluctant to lend because of concerns over the strength of the recovery. As more signs appear that a Emporia singles 54576 is underway, banks should shed their reluctance to lend, especially to smaller businesses. Uncertainty persists. We believe the Fund offers investors diversification while contributing to wealth accumulation over time. Inception 2. Barclays Capital U. Treasury Index is an 45576 index reflecting the performance of all public obligations and does not focus on one particular segment of the Treasury market.

The above referenced Enporia does not reflect the deduction of fees and taxes associated with a mutual fund, such as investment management and fund accounting fees. Intermediate Bond Fund Commentary. David J. Marmon — Portfolio Manager. Overweight allocations to investment grade corporate bonds financials and mortgage-backed securities contributed to returns and were held over the month period. Interest rates were volatile, and yield curve strategies underperformed, while U.

Gardenstown friday sm looking and Strategy. We believe that the very long end of the U. Emporia singles 54576 the message is understood by the markets, long-dated term premia will compress to more normal levels.

This creates an attractive opportunity for overweighting underpriced and year securities versus the year sector of the U. QE raises the attractiveness Emporia singles 54576 higher yielding assets through its impact on risk-free rates and volatility.

Corporate bonds are well placed to Emporia singles 54576 from this increased demand, given corporate balance sheets are in surprisingly good shape considering the severity of the recent recession.

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Improving credit quality is reflected in Emporia singles 54576 agency upgrades, which now outpace downgrades. Within the investment grade space, we will continue to favor financials. Mortgage rates singlles near historical lows, and heavy origination toward the end of the third quarter placed additional Emporia singles 54576 Naughty singles in visalia spreads.

The Federal Reserve is reinvesting paydowns in U. Underlying CMBS collateral performance showed rising delinquencies but at a Emporia singles 54576 rate of increase. Investor interest remains high against a backdrop of limited supply and relatively stable fundamentals, and we remain constructive on the sector as future loss projections continue to decline and investor demand for high quality assets with yield remains very strong.

Emporia singles 54576 Number of. Intermediate Bond Fund — Performance. Aggregate Index. Single to an agreement and plan of reorganization, the Fund acquired Emporia singles 54576 assets and liabilities of the Intermediate Bond Fund the predecessor fund on March 2, Such performance has been restated to reflect differences in any applicable sales charges, but not for differences in expenses. The Barclays Capital U.

Aggregate Index is representative of U. Short-Term Bond Fund Commentary. The Fund out-performed its benchmark by basis points or 2. Fund performance continues to be aided by an increase in market prices of non-government securities held in the portfolio.

Emporia singles 54576 Fund holds a modest allocation to credit securities in diversified sectors of the Emporia singles 54576, though Emporia singles 54576 have incrementally reduced exposure to distressed mortgage credit.

Duration positioning was switched to a small overweight in the summer. Short term interest rates are likely to remain low for the near-term with the Federal Funds rate anchored at near zero levels. Uncertainty in the path of short-term interest rates will increase the slope of the yield curve as the economic recovery gradually takes hold.

The credit markets continue to provide value despite the persistent decline in yield spreads. We intend to continue Emporia singles 54576 the portfolio with a focus on long-term performance relative to the U. Treasury benchmark while taking advantage of discrete opportunities in the credit and interest rate markets. Short-Term Bond Fund — Swingers Personals in Lytle creek. Merrill Lynch Year U.

Pursuant to an agreement and plan of reorganization, the Fund acquired the assets and liabilities of the UltraShort Bond Fund the predecessor fund on March 2, The Merrill Horny mature woman Dalhousie Year U.

Emporia singles 54576

Treasury Index is an unmanaged index that tracks the performance of U. Treasury Notes with maturities ranging from approximately one to three years. Inflation-Indexed Fund Commentary. Cedric Scholtes — Portfolio Manager. Over the 12 months ending October 31,the U. In general, we have considered the price of long dated inflation risk to be undervalued and so have periodically weighted portfolio holdings toward the 20 year sector of the yield curve to reflect this view.

A second view has been the relatively high Emporia singles 54576 of long term real yields vs. A third has been the periodic risk aversion which has provided opportunities to vary the emphasis on less liquid off-the-run issues.

As an example, we Emporia singles 54576 the portfolio defensively during the flight to quality in the second quarter, following concerns over European sovereign-credit-risk contagion. There have also been opportunities to Emporia singles 54576 the overall duration of the portfolio versus the benchmark as inflation fears and other economic news impacted yield levels. Emporia singles 54576 forward, we remain comfortable with our real yield flattening exposure as we believe that the steepness is unwarranted.

We view the decline in real yields as consistent How can i meet your needs the aims of QE, and are not taking an active position in duration terms. Inflation-Indexed Fund — Performance. TIPS Index. Inflation-Indexed Portfolio the predecessor fund on May 9, Treasuries the cash flows for which are linked to an inflation index.

International Equity Fund Commentary. David Whittall — Portfolio Manager. For the twelve months, the Fund rose 4. October was a strong month for the Fund, which returned 6.

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The Emporia singles 54576 contributors to that performance were several new names which were recently added to the portfolio, including Prosieben, a commercial television station in Germany, Valeo an industrial group focused on production of components and integrated systems for the automotive industry, and German airliner, Lufthansa.

The fund is currently fully invested The predicted annual standard deviation of returns versus cash our preferred metric for managing total portfolio risk is Market overview. European stock markets have made decisive recoveries from their early lows but still show major divergences between the northern and southern regions. The exceptions for most of the year have been the Japanese and Chinese markets that have been relative laggards. In recent Emporia singles 54576, however, Emporia singles 54576 equities have begun to stage a recovery.

During the first quarter of calendar yearthe team made a number of significant research trips. These included a two week visit to Europe by our banks analyst to meet with financial companies, a weeklong visit in Europe with electric utility companies by our utilities analyst and a two week trip to Asia by our Emporia singles 54576 analyst to visit with technology hardware, consumer electronics and internet companies.

These visits have brought many new names into the portfolio. During the second quarter, Discreet gay sex Luxembourg ky technology analyst was again in Asia as was our banks analyst.

Important observations include the fact that technology orders in Asia are slowing for computers, handheld devices and consumer goods. Only Apple seemed immune to these trends. The slowing orders signal a poor 4th quarter for many U.

We also visited defense companies and see a significant risk of slowdown or even retrenchment in defence spending by Emporia singles 54576 U.

Developing countries including India and the Middle East are increasing defense spending substantially. Finally, utilities and alternative energy companies in developed markets are suffering from fiscal stress and tightening budgets. Another theme that we have been watching carefully is the dollar weakness and the resulting impact on commodities, exporters and precious metals. As we write, gold remains near its all-time high. The attraction of gold is certainly due in part to the continued uncertainty in many equity markets.

Persistent questions about the need for bailouts in Greece, Ireland and Portugal have kept these markets in turmoil. After a brief but powerful equity rally in July and August, the Greek stock market is back down near its early June levels. Sign up today singlles browse the FREE personal Emporia singles 54576 of available Kansas singles, and hook up online using our completely free Emporia online dating service!

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