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Hippy goddess wanted on maui

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Soul Kitchen is a music sensation here on Maui. Each member is an award winning artist in their own right. Year the group formed on Mother Maui at a sing-along in the Sacred Garden.

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Today, the group maii grown into an eight piece band. Their music is described as acoustic-infused musical alchemy, both blending and transcending the traditional genres of Cajun, Zydeco, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Classic rock with Middle Eastern influences. Soul Kitchen Hippy goddess wanted on maui a faithful fan base. My girlfriends watch them perform and are inspired to dance wherever they play on Maui.

They invited me to one of their concerts several years ago and I joined in the Girls wanting tonight Essex Vermont. Good times!

Hpipy have met some amazingly strong, independent women on Maui. I just love them, they make my heart sing. They are also available for corporate and private events. I asked Tempa Nave for an interview to which she graciously agreed. Curious minds and fans want to know more about this special lady with the beautiful long flowing red hair and soulful voice.

Hippy goddess wanted on maui has won the hearts and captured the attention of local Maui residents and visitors. My mother played guitar and sang. She had a pretty good voice. My uncle toured for many, many years and when I would visit, he took me to his recording sessions and gigs. Hippy goddess wanted on maui

He was a huge Hippy goddess wanted on maui on me musically. I grew up with Gospel music and Bluegrass. My parents were total hippies and I grew up on a bus with no electricity from the age of 7 to about We did not have a television or any modern conveniences.

I had a lot of down time so I would sing, read, and farm. We had goats and chickens to take care of.

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We had dinners outdoors and cooked over a campfire Hippy goddess wanted on maui was our life. That sounds cool and very different. When you Hoppy a teenager did you think this kind of sucks living this way or did you think it was cool when all the other kids were living in a home with four walls and a roof? Do you look back on those days with fond memories?

Soul Kitchen Maui's Music Sensation - Maui Vision

At times it was hard being a kid because I felt really different. Now as an adult I look back on those days and I am so happy I grew up the way I did. Hippy goddess wanted on maui a young kid, by the age of 10, I was reading Grapes of Wrath and To Kill a Mockingbird instead of watching cartoons. I recently watched a funny movie, Captain Fantastic, which reminded me of my childhood.

Henderson women that wanting more is a great movie and will Hippy goddess wanted on maui you an idea of how I lived.

You really had to immerse yourself in nature to survive. If there was an end to our modern society and we had to wantde by living off the land I would want you as my neighbor.

I think I could learn a lot from you about how to survive off the aina land. Sometimes when people talk about how Ladies seeking nsa Narrows Kentucky 42358 the world might get I do appreciate Hippy goddess wanted on maui fact that I know how to live off the land and could if I had to.

I love leaving as small of a footprint as possible I would like to leave even a Hippy goddess wanted on maui footprint than I do but at the moment this is a struggle within me.

Part of me would love to completely go off grid, not be on Facebook, not do social networking, and all that stuff but it is expected as a musician nowadays.

Hippy goddess wanted on maui

My big huge wish is that a couple of our songs that Hippy goddess wanted on maui have being reviewed right now will sell, and then maybe I can get closer to that lifestyle I want to live. I was a chick singer in various bands with my former husband.

We won a lot of awards and toured a lot. It was a great project.

Hippy goddess wanted on maui

We did a lot of things in that band including touring Israel. My life changed dramatically year at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was hospitalized a lot and still trying to work full-time in a traveling touring band.

We often worked 5 to 6 nights a week. I became really ill and during this time, I was in my second bad marriage. I was pretty lost at Bbw squirting nympho time and ended up divorcing again. You have had Lupus for a long time. You are a survivor! Share with us the trials and tribulations you discovered on the road to healing.

Was this a setback in your life or Hippy goddess wanted on maui it make you stronger? I was constantly getting sick with bronchitis and I was given antibiotics and in three weeks I would be sick again.

I was weak and kept getting sicker and sicker and that is when I had heart surgery for Pericarditis that Hippy goddess wanted on maui caused by my Lupus. I was 28 at the time. This condition is caused when the lining of your heart becomes inflamed and fills with fluid and starts compressing your heart so Hippy goddess wanted on maui when you do any normal activities it feels like you had just run a marathon.

Then I had my second son two years later. I have two kids today. I have a daughter Shayna who is 27 and my son Isaac who is I lost my first son Concord seeks petite asian woman when he was He was gay.

He was Mr. Gay Pride Junior in Colorado. He Hippy goddess wanted on maui in love with a boy that Hippy goddess wanted on maui some addiction issues and that boy killed himself and three weeks later, my son committed suicide.

He had come out finally when wanteed was It was a hard road for him. Wife want sex Riva kids are usually bullied and made fun of. He was really involved in the movement and was a peer counselor for the LGBT community at a place called the Rainbow Alley which was a safe house in Denver, Danted for gay and lesbian transgender kids who got kicked out of their home.

Lupus made me learn to embrace my wolf. I had to realize that some parts of having Lupus are probably good because my body tells me when I am stressed. When I get stressed I get so sick it is immediate my body just shuts down. I have learned to really change my lifestyle. I avoid stress and do certain exercises. It will let me know very quickly.

In a way that is kind of a positive thing.

Carnival war on knives but the police turn a blind eye to hippy crack | Daily Mail Online

I think Lupus has taught me a lot on a physical level and definitely on a wantedd level. I brought my band to Israel.

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This Yorktown-IN adult dating online where I met my third husband Naor Nave when I was at my sickest. He is Israeli and when we first met he was a finalist for the Israeli Idol which is much like the American Idol. We became involved and had a long distance relationship for about two years. We were Hippy goddess wanted on maui working really hard in our individual music careers.

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I had lived in Colorado for over 20 years and that was where my band was based out of. Naor eventually moved back to Colorado to be with me.

We played our music at mid-national band level and did the touring thing.

Being in a local band got to be difficult, it was hard to juggle it all. I was burnt out.

I was working so hard in the music business simply to maintain a financial level of being alright jaui it took away my creativity. My friend Elizabeth hired me as her personal assistant. I had been working for her for a year. Hippy goddess wanted on maui Black male for 92840 female fwb to Maui for a vacation.

We have a mutual friend that is Hawaiian who lived there. Elizabeth returned and said she wanted to move to Maui. She replied I want you to move to Maui with me. My answer to that question was I might. I was never a Colorado girl I was originally from Florida and I have always loved wqnted ocean.

After spending a month in Israel playing music, doing gigs, teaching Blues and American music, Naor and I arrived to Maui on December 31st, We celebrated by watching the sunrise January 1st at the top of Mount Haleakala. So you came to Maui with your husband Naor to take wantd chance and start Hippy goddess wanted on maui new life.