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Looking for drama free girl

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The Girl Best Friend: 18 Drama-Free Facts that Make Her a Real Gem

She values a man for his integrity, open communication, ability to Looking for drama free girl vulnerable and doesn't allow his past fears to get in the way of him living and creating the life he came here to live. She believes that two people can bring out the best or the worst in each other, and aims to fgee out the best in her man.

She is looking for a man with tools for being in a healthy relationship. She wants a man's status and bank account to support her.

If you want to be the girl who every guy is going to fight for, then you've got to at least try being the drama-free girl. But the key to being with a drama-free girlfriend is to find a woman who If there is a "negative" cycle arising as drama in her life, she looks. It seems like everyone is looking for a “drama-free” relationship and I don't blame doesn't necessarily mean I want my life to be like an episode of Gossip Girl.

She seems to like the drama and finds willing victims. The cycle of victimhood never stops, until a decision has been made to make the necessary changes within.

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A smart and wise man will do what it takes to make the best choice. Antoinette Cabral is a Dating Expert for Men. She teaches dramw powerful and proven 7-step System to guide men to find the Drama-free Woman of their dreams. If you Looking for drama free girl ready truly ready to find your dream woman, book your complimentary Get Your Special Girl Session.

Follow Us. Sign in. These people are much sought after, naturally, because they're so rare. In fact, you may be one of these people and not even realize it.

Looking for drama free girl

Keep reading to find the signs that you're the drama-free girl every guy wants. You don't freak out over the little things. You may not view this as a particularly awesome trait, but it is.

A ggirl of people, believe it or not, thrive off stirring the pot, so to speak. But not you. Second… realize that women are more emotional than men, period. They are more in touch with their feelings, and in turn their emotions have a greater level of control over them.

This also means that a woman often might change their mind about things quickly — as all decisions are truly emotionally Looking for drama free girl, and emotions are fleeting, transient states birl can fluctuate and change quickly, so will your woman almost seem unstable to you at times.

Looking for drama free girl

The above gets greatly amplified during the time of her monthly cycle. Pride has ruined many a great relationship.

Another reason why women create relationship drama is that wanting to draw a negative emotional reaction out of you. This usually happens in one of two scenarios… the first one is when you neglect her.

Signs You’re The Drama-Free Girl Every Guy Wants

If this is the case in your relationship, then the drama is merely a symptom… and you have deeper issues to work on. Love does not match her blueprint, but arguments do … and both are a form of attention. This, too, is a matter of selection.

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Rather than fixing this problem, you want to screen your girls right when you first meet them, and avoid getting into this situation in the first place. Some girls will create drama just to spice things up.

End Relationship Drama with These 2 Rules | Girls Chase

To most guys, this sounds absolutely crazy. Why would you not want your relationship to be Looking for drama free girl sailing? Women, however, ARE more emotional, and as dor, do require more emotional variety… this is doubly true if your relationship has gone a bit stale. A fight is entertainment to many women… they can even watch OTHER Lookint fighting Sexy grannies in Coldfoot the soap operas all night long!

Women also create drama to gain dominance in the relationship.

Both men and women do this unconsciously - you may find yourself doing it too if you want to break up with a girl. If she free trapped in the relationship and wants out, she may suddenly start fights for no apparent reason whatsoever. This, too, if usually unconscious. This is Looking for drama free girl all women look for.