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Teen chatt in El Indio Texas

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A group of migrant men who had kidnapped and raped a Mexican girl held a Texas rancher in El I at gunpoint. Last week Teen chatt in El Indio Texas had over 40 people pass through our ranch.

One group of about 15men pulled a gun on my husband and had a 13yr old mexican girl that they kidnapped from Guerrerro, MX…she has blood all over her and had urinated on herself.

Teen chatt in El Indio Texas husband was able to, with the help of Border Patrol Texad in a hellicopter who passed over, get the gun from the illegal man he was Honduran and they rushed the poor girl to the emergency room for help because she had in fact been kidnapped and gang raped by these men. This is just one of many stories we have. One of then was an elderly man who was almost dead…we gave them water and protein bars…called BP and Ten the man to go to the emegency room.

Teen chatt in El Indio Texas Look For Sex Dating

We are kind people cjatt believe in helping people in need BUT there has been 3 attacks on my husband on our ranch, 2 of which were directly at my home, in the last 3 months…. They are ignorant liars!!!

How many people have to be hurt or attacked? There has to be someone in our government who stands up and helps our Border Patrol ….

Inside the life of a drug-trafficking teen - CNN

We need help!! The wall needs to be built not at the port of entries but between them…. It has a population of less than Tefn Schmerber told us that if such a serious crime occurred, his deputies would have been notified. But he had no knowledge of the incident as reported.

We reached out to U. We checked with the law enforcement agency for the nearest city, Eagle Pass. The post circulated amidst the longest federal Twxas shutdown in U.

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Although the post has been widely attributed to Ellis, Ellis took to her Facebook account on 12 January to state that Ell was simply reposting. A junk news website produced yet another scaremongering story intended to provoke well-intentioned sharing on social media.

A remarkable photograph showing a long line near the summit of Mount Everest was met with disbelief from online viewers. A notorious producer of junk news and hoax articles churned out yet another hoax, this time about the fictional "Ivan Fedorovitch Yanukovych.

A number of right-leaning chatg suggested that Obama "stole" the election by accepting illegal foreign campaign money. The RNC has been mailing out fundraising forms disguised as "census" surveys for years.

Manipulated videos and images of character Pam Beasley from "The Office" were spread on social media in May A blog post selling detox solutions does not a peer-reviewed, scientific study make -- but we took a look at its claims anyway. Fact Check Viral Phenomena.

Misinformation is a real threat. Learn How.

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Claim A group of migrant men who had kidnapped and raped a Mexican girl held a Texas rancher in El Indio at gunpoint. Rating Unproven About this Indko. Support the fact checking and investigative journalism you rely on at Snopes. Give with PayPal or Learn More.

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