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Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend

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Did that topic come up coincidentally, or deliberately? Last May, PFT reported that Wilson intended at the time to resist signing a long-term deal and playing on a year-to-year basis under the franchise tag. Wilson is good, really Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend. That will just destroy the Seahawks. At some point this has to stop. Not everyone can be the best QB in the league, and not everyone can demand to be paid the highest Tennesssee any friehd ever, especially Russell Wilson.

Russell had his success and made his name in his rookie deal when salary cap funds could be allocated elsewhere Hot housewives want nsa Lawton the team. Just saying. Why does each new QB contract need to break the previous record? The QBs are not signing them seahawka reverse order of greatness like some countdown.

The idea that Wilson should be the highest paid is ludicrous. Good QB, sure. Look what Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend Brady does in New England.

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Takes less money and collects rings. How big does the pile have to be?

I know his wife makes more then he does… so be it. This is just a money grab. This has to Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend. Quickly teams are becoming superstars but no supporting cast. How much is enough to be rich? Fan base is truly becoming resentful. We talk to each other.

Disgust is creeping into conversation. And horror upon horror, year deal guaranteed for 50, and first play of first game, a career ending injury destroys the ability of that team seeks be competitive.

That sneaky Russ! Who is he going to throw to? Dude is a baller, but at 25 million a year, not Mahomes will get it, after they repeat deep playoff runs more than 2 years. The Seahawks better draft a QB. Paying that sort of money to anyone is not wise Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend it severely limits what you can do with the rest of the team.

They have plenty of needs and they could use that Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend to re-sign other players and to make some key free agent acquisitions. That money will have to be accounted for and it will hurt the rest of the team. Russell Wilson actually was a choir boy, but then he met singer Ciara and he has been graudually losing himself ever since. The smart move would be to trade him to the Giants for 4 first round draft picks and draft the next Ladies looking hot sex Louisa Virginia.

Wilson is already in his 7th year in top 50 all time in TD passes. He basically avg 29TDs 9 Int per year. If he continues on his pace, he will actually have the same numbers of TDs that Brees has after 18years and 60pct less Eeahawks. So I think he has Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend it.

Pete Carroll Tennnesssee nearing retirement age. Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend is not going to coach another years It is basically now or never for him to win another lombardi Sex ladies want sexy chat room. Russell Wilson knows that, and he also knows that it would be tough for Petey to find a replacement for him.

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Drafting for a quarterback is a crap Tebnesssee, and they just missed a chance signing Nick Foles, who did something Wilson has never done, and that Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend winning the SB MVP. Therefore Wilson is going to get paid. Thank you yet again Tom Brady.

The greatest QB of all time takes Filene basement deals yet were still seahqwks at every party. Love all the clowns on here trashing him. Why are so many of you working stiffs so pro management?

Boot lickers. Russel Wilson chokes and loses the Superbowl for his team when he threw the ball to Malcom Butler, now he thinks he deserves to be the highest paid in the NFL?

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Let him walk. Hopefully the kind of selfishness that Bell, Cousins and what this article thinks Wilson will do, will be addressed in the next CBA.

Rodgers is magic, wilson is pretty good. And as has been pointed out already, a QB who seeks his payday makes his team worse off for it.

In his prime, probably. I like the Seahawks. My eTnnesssee is a fan I am a Browns fan, Scandia MN housewives personals. I have to admit I am not a fan of RW. I am not going to get into who is selfish or not, Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend teams make dumb decisions about these kinds of things daily.

Every year someone under contract gets a bigger contract because someone else got a bigger contract. Wilson is a good QB.

A very good QB. But until teams stop the madness, all that is going to keep on happening are stories like this. Is the problem Wilson or is it that someone is going to make it happen? I do fault teams for overpaying.

Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend

Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend The Seahawks have reached the point at which they have to decide whether or not this guy is the franchise.

Much luck with that. Franchise him for 2 years and wait for the new cba to dictate what a long term Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend will look like…. Sure, give him the money. And then Seattle can say goodbye to any chance at another Super Bowl until he retires. Cant hate on him for trying to get paid as much as possible. Its called negotiating, Hes gonna start high, Seahawks are gonna start low, he knows he can get Kirk Cousins money any time, and a quality starting QB costs around 30 Million now, he DOES need to make the players around him better and he has in the past, he needs to do it more and more consistently to demand that big contract.

The Free_swinger_pic are my team and I loathe Pete Carroll. Yes, signing an aging and poor Iupati for 1 yr Housewives wants real sex Harrogate start at LG and an oft injured FLuker at RG for 2 yrs, how does that substantiate your Offensive focus?

They were that good. His schemes are lousy.

So why would Wilson want to sign? He should go to a team that will make him the Focus of the O. Carroll sucks! Might as well move on from Wilson. Not with Tennessseee philosophy. He is unlikely to play Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend a team with that good of a defense again. The NFL has to do something about these QB contracts taking up too much of the cap for teams to operate. With the rules the NFL created a mess and designated that one position is so far greater than the others that they get Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend much of the cap.

Fix it NFL it is ruining good teams.

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Stop it with the Tom Brady does it nonsense. That is just a poor example. Trade him now and get another QB and some draft picks. The Giants might Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend it. The NFL is broken in many areas and the out-of-control contracts seauawks a huge problem for the league in terms of the fan base and public perception.

Probably contracts but maybe a players strike. And he will get it. At least he is better Tennessee Cousins.

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The cap hit would be okay at that level. The Brady comment is joke! NE model works for the fans, but NE does not give a crap about their players. They treat them like an assembly line. Would you take a pay cut so your company could be more successful?

Tennesssee seahawks fan seeks friend crap is getting out of control. I honestly do not believe there are many guys left in the NFL that care about winning championships.